Apple Lisa 7/7 Tool Deserialization
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Tool Theft Protection Introduction

The Apple Lisa computer provides a mechanism to hinder software piracy of Lisa tools. This mechanism, known as software serialization, utilizes the unique serial numbers which are built into every Lisa. The first time a tool is to be used on a Lisa the user must install the tool. Installation involves inserting the diskette with the tool into the Lisa's diskette drive and duplicating the tool icon onto the Lisa's hard disk. When the duplication action begins the following dialog appears (for a LisaCalc installation):

If the Copy button is selected, then the tool will be made into a Master tool. Copies of the master tool will work only on the first Lisa that was used to make the copy of the master. The master tool diskette itself will function on any Lisa. Each Lisa requires its own master tool to make copies and backups. If a user attempts to use a tool which was previously used on a different Lisa, then the following dialog appears:

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