Now you should have an Office System disk that can be used to install the Lisa Office System on your Lisa.

NOTE: The numbers at locations $CC-$CF contain the serial number of the Lisa which was used first to install the Office System software. My Lisa has serial number 70,935 which is the same as the hex number $00011517. In general, the serial number at locations $CC-$CF should be below 100,000 (around hex $00012000) since Apple never produced more than 100,000 Lisa computers.

NOTE: This technique can also be applied to the Lisa Workshop 3.0 disk I which also contains the originally installed Lisa's serial number in sector $1C.

NOTE: From the Lisa Office System you can determine your Lisa's serial number using the 'Attributes' command In the File menu after selecting the Lisa's Preferences tool.

NOTE : See my earlier paper titled 'Apple Lisa 7/7 Tool Deserialization' (1988) for details about how to deserialize specific Lisa tools (eg LisaCalc).

Diagram of FEdit window showing Office System Disk 1 sector $1C BEFORE deserialization

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