MacWorks Plus

MacWorks Plus was developed by Sun Remarketing in full cooperation with Apple Computer. It's an official upgrade, supplied on disk, either 400K or 800K (you have to specify which) so you can use it with both the old and the new style 3.5-inch disk drives. As of version 1.0.18, the hard disk installer program required a megabyte of standard RAM (two 512K cards). If you have a memory upgrade, the upgraded card has to be in slot 2, and a stock 512K card has to be inserted in slot 1, or the installer won't run.The important point is, you need 1 Mb of memory and at least one 512K card to run the MacWorks Plus Installer program. So if you're planning to buy a memory upgrade, make sure you hang on to at least one of the original 512K cards!

What It Does

Other Macs contain two ROM (read only memory) chips packed with unique operating code. The Lisa doesn't. As soon as you turn on other Macs, portions of that code are read into RAM (random access memory). All Macintosh programs, including the System and Finder, rely on that code and presume it's going to be there. If it's not there, programs can't execute.

The MacWorks Plus Install program creates a file containing complete 128K ROM emulation on a read only portion of your diskette. Immediately after the automatic startup tests, that code is read into RAM by the Lisa's boot ROM. From that point forward, the Lisa is, for all intents and purposes, a big screen Macintosh Plus.

MacWorks Plus Hard Drive Installation

1 . Since the installer program reformats (erases) the hard drive, an important preliminary step is to back up all important files. Skip old system files. MW+ 1.0. 18 requires new Macintosh System software (System 6.0 or later), so backing up System files is needless. After the backup, shut down normally and wait for the power light to go out.
2. Once the power light is out, wait 15 seconds or so for the internal hard drive to wind down (if appropriate) and turn on the Lisa. At the first click, tap any key but Caps Lock. Tapping a key will engage the Startup From menu as soon as the startup tests are done.
3. When the Startup From menu appears, insert the MW+ Boot disk and press Apple 2 to proceed.
4. As MacWorks Plus loads, a horizontal bar indicates progress. At the end, there's a beep followed by an icon of a floppy disk with a blinking question mark.
5. Assuming you have an icon of a floppy disk with a blinking question mark on the screen, insert the MW+ 400K System disk.
6. Once the desktop appears, eject the 400K System disk by choosing Eject from the File menu or by pressing Apple Shift 1.
7. Insert the MW+ Installer disk and wait for the disk icon to appear. Open the disk icon (if necessary) and then double click the MW+ installer icon. Swap disks as necessary until the program loads.
8. Follow the on-screen instructions to install MacWorks Plus onto your hard disk.
9. Reinsert the MW+ System disk. Drag the supplied System Folder to your hard disk.
10. Choose Shutdown from the Special menu.
11. Reboot. After the self-test finishes, you should see the Loading... indicator, then a MacWorks Plus sign on message. Next you'll be in the Finder.
12 . Restore the hard disk . Be sure not to restore old System Files! MacWorks Plus 1.0.18 HyperCard 1.1, and MultiFinder 1.0 all require at least System 4.2 and Finder 6.0. Later versions may require even newer System software. The correct version was transferred in step nine. It's already been installed. Don't use a system higher than 6.03 with Macworks Plus Version 1.0.18.
13. Select the Chooser desk accessory from the DA menu. Select the correct printer and reset the printer port.
14. Select the Control Panel desk accessory to reset the time, mouse, and keyboard settings. Choose SunTrol to set contrast, screen dimming, and startup device.