Lisa/Macintosh XL
Do-it-yourself Guide

Many people believe that Lisas and Macintosh XL's are exactly the same computer. In truth, Lisas and XL's only look the same. There are two different models in the series. The Macintosh XL (a.k.a. Lisa 2/10) is the newest model. Since there are differences between the models, it's important to determine which Lisa/Mac XL you own before beginning any upgrade or repair work.

Identifying the Models

This section lists the official hardware configurations. Hardware means a specific combination of drives, boards, and so on. By identifying what hardware is inside the box, you can easily determine which model of the Lisa you own. Table 1 provides a checklist. The next section provides illustrated disassembly instructions so that you can match your particular hardware configuration against the list.

Lisa 2: The Lisa 2 has one 3.5-inch 400K disk drive, different disk drive controller circuitry, and a redesigned front panel to accommodate the single 3.5-inch drive opening. A 400K floppy controller, labeled the "Lisa Lite Adapter," is mounted inside the disk drive cage. The System I/0 board is socketed for an AMD 9512 arithmetic processor. It has nickel-cadmium battery backup for the real time clock. One 512K memory board is standard. The mother board has a mouse connector, two serial connectors, and an external parallel connector. The power supply is rated 1.2 A.

Lisa 2/10: The Lisa 2/10 has a completely different motherboard. The mouse connector is different. There's no external parallel connector on the back of the computer. Instead, there's an internal parallel connector and a 10MB internal I hard drive. An interrupt switch has been added. The system