can terminate this test by holding down the apple key and typing a period. The computer will then proceed to check the memory boards and the I/O board. The screen will flash or flicker during these three tests. Do not be alarmed. This is normal to check the different components and their functions.

When all components have been checked and all is working properly your screen will appear as follows.

Select either Retest or Turn Off. If you select Turn Off, the screen will dim and after about fifteen seconds and the computer will turn itself off. You can then turn the computer on and begin normal operation. If the test did detect an error with one or more of the boards you would see a message indicating which board or device is causing the error and needs to be replaced.

Built-in Service Mode

In addition to the automatic startup tests, the Lisa has built-in service mode. Some tests are easy to figure out. Adjust Video, for example, puts up a 1/2 inch reverse video crosshatch. Here's how to enter the built-in service mode:

1. If the computer is on, turn it off. Wait a few seconds, then without inserting a startup floppy disk, turn the computer on again.

2. At the end of the kernel test (when you hear the first click), hit any key except Caps Lock. Hitting a key interrupts the normal startup procedure and turns on the Startup From mode.

3. At the end of the module test (when you hear the second click), hold down the Apple key and press the 2 key.

4. Since there's no floppy disk in the disk drive, the Lisa beeps three times and presents you with an error box. Ignore it!

5. Hold down the Apple key and press the s key. S presumably stands for service. Case is irrelevant. Pressing S, or s, will engage the service mode as shown in Figure 16.

Note that the numerical shortcut keys for the menu items don't require pressing the Apple key. If you'd rather not use the mouse, just press the numerical keys (all by themselves) to engage the tests. Press and, if necessary, hold down the Return key to return to the main menu. Press 7, not Apple 0, to Quit. Press the Reset button at the back of the computer to exit an endless loop.

Figure 16 The Lisa's built-in service mode. Use with caution!

Warning! The Power Cycle & Loop On Test presume a stock hardware configuration. They should not be used with a modified Lisa 2 or a Macintosh XL. Running the Power Cycle test with an 800K disk drive upgrade will cause the disk drive test to fail. Running the Power Cycle test on a Lisa 2/5 with an internal hard drive