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Computer Repair Tools, Tips, and Manuals

An informational resource for technicians who want to repair classic Macintosh computers and other classic Apple products.

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These manuals are Adobe PDFs (mostly) of Apple's "Service Source" documents, which were historically distributed only to Apple-authorized repair shops. They offer step-by-step Mac repair information for do-it-yourself technicians who want to repair old Apple Macintosh computers. These documents also include Apple technical specifications, memory configuration information, and more. With a few common tools, these repair manuals are what you need to become your own Macintosh Repair Technician for classic Macs (pre-Intel.)

HOW TO USE THIS PAGE: The links on the left jump down on this page to specific sections. Sometimes the filename of the manual you want starts with, say, "Power Macintosh" -- other times, "PMac" -- other times, "PowerMac" -- sometimes with dots or underscores or dashes between words, etc. You get the idea. If you don't see what you're looking for, try a "find" (cmd-f or ctrl-f, usually) and search the text of the page for your machine's model number, or part of the name. The categories are the best I could come up with. Some things may appear in only one category but really belong in two -- for example, the combo manuals that cover some model of Mac and also a Performa based on the same internal hardware. So if you have a Performa, you'll have to pick through these a bit.

SEARCH FEATURE -- Just typepart of the model name into the Google box on the left, the PDF contents are (mostly?) indexed. In several cases, you can then use the "View as HTML" link and quickly search the page for what you need, then decide whether to download the whole PDF. A nice option for low-bandwidth users. Thanks, Google!

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Service Manuals for Printers

Apple_Color_Printer.pdf -- the Apple color printer
Color_StyleWriter_1500.pdf -- the Apple Color StyleWriter 1500 printer
Color_StyleWriter_2200.pdf -- the Apple Color StyleWriter 2200 printer
Color_StyleWriter_2400.pdf -- the Apple Color StyleWriter 2400 printer
Color_StyleWriter_2500.pdf -- the Apple Color StyleWriter 2500 printer
Color_StyleWriter_4500_4100.pdf -- the Apple Color StyleWriter 4500/4100 printers
Color_StyleWriter_6500.pdf -- the Apple Color StyleWriter 6500 printer
Color_StyleWriter_Pro.pdf -- the Apple Color StyleWriter Pro printer
Portable_StyleWriter.pdf -- the Apple Portable StyleWriter printer
StyleWriter_1200.pdf -- the Apple StyleWriter 1200 printer
StyleWriter_II.pdf -- the Apple StyleWriter II printer
StyleWriter.pdf -- the Apple StyleWriter printer
ImageWriter_II.pdf -- the Apple ImageWriter II printer
ImageWriter_II_L.pdf -- the Apple ImageWriter II L printer
ImageWriter_LQ.pdf -- the Apple ImageWriter LQ printer
Color_LaserWriter_12_600_PS.pdf -- the Apple Color LaserWriter 12/600 PostScript
LaserWriter_10_600_A3+.pdf -- the Apple LaserWriter 10/600 printer
LaserWriter_12_640_PS.pdf -- the Apple LaserWriter 12/640 PostScript printer
LaserWriter_16_600_PS.pdf -- the Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PostScript printer
LaserWriter_8500.pdf -- the Apple LaserWriter 8500 printer
LaserWriter_II.pdf -- the Apple LaserWriter II printer. NOTE: There is an internal link to a troubleshooting flowchart in this manual, which you'll find in here: Clips But you have to run it on an old Mac OR use the emulator method.
LaserWriter_Plus.pdf -- the Apple LaserWriter Plus printer
LaserWriter_Pro_600_630.pdf -- the Apple LaserWriter Pro 600/630 printer
LaserWriter_Pro_810.pdf -- the Apple LaserWriter Pro 810 printer
LaserWriter_Select.pdf -- the Apple LaserWriter Select printer
PLW_300_320_&_LW_4_600_PS.pdf -- the Apple Personal LaserWriter 300/320 and the LaserWriter 4/600 PostScript printers
PLW_SC_NT_NTR_LS.pdf -- the Apple Personal LaserWriter SC/NT/NTR/LS printers
Envelope_Feeder.pdf -- the Apple Envelope Feeder printer accessory
Sheet_Feeder.pdf -- Information about the Sheet Feeder ??


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